10 November, 2008

Bali bomber hypocrisy

10th November 2008

The recent approach by the Rudd government towards the punishment of the Bali Bombers is nothing more than blatant double standards based on appealing to popular sentiment.

The government has been quite correct in supporting the execution of these murderers. However, in the wake of justice being done, Rudd now says his government will push for an international moratorium on capital punishment.

So, we got what we wanted, now the practice must stop?

Throughout the world, including our own country, there are thousands of people who brutally murder the old, the innocent and the defenceless. There are those who prey upon the weak - raping, molesting and defiling.

Are these any less deserving of the ultimate punishment?

Rather than push for a moratorium, Rudd should be opening the debate of capital punishment for those committing such heinous acts against the most vulnerable in society.