28 November, 2009

Climate change - an open, honest and reasoned debate is needed

28th November 2009

In response to George Poulos' letter lamenting the availability of a machine to which one can "hook up" members of the pseudo conservative Coalition to suitably indoctrinate reticent MPs as to the "reality" of man made climate change-has Mr. Poulos stopped to consider these MPs might just be doing their job?

The whole issue of climate change does appear to be fact. The climate is changing, as it always has.However, these "dissident" MPs are merely reflecting the concerns of a large number of their constituents (I hear it's called democracy)on the issue.

Given the one sided debate on climate change, the total disregard of the opinion of many in the scientific community who question the degree to which man's activity has actually contributed to the change in climate, it is little wonder many have become more than cautious over any scheme which appears to be little more than a blatant tax grab.

What we don't need is a mythical machine to indoctrinate people-what we do need is an open, honest and reasoned debate on the issue covering all the facts.

Only by this method can we hope to come to a unified and effective response to the challenges that await us in future.

02 November, 2009

Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers

2nd November 2009

The refusal of Sri Lankan "asylum seekers" to leave an Australian vessel in Indonesia, coupled with their request to be granted asylum in countries such as New Zealand or Canada should Australia refuse is irrefutable proof these people are nothing more than economic "refugees" shopping for a better place to live and not fleeing persecution.

If this were so, then they would be thankful for the relative security offered by Indonesian authorities in Indonesian territory.

For the Australian government to waste tens of millions of dollars of Australian taxpayer funds to continue this ridiculous farce is nothing short of unforgivable.