29 May, 2009

International politics at rural expense

29th May 2009

Few could doubt that PM Rudd is now showing his true colours, along with Labor's traditional urban-centric contempt for regional Australians.

At a time of continued drought, the threat of cheap imports and reduced quarantine standards,coupled with an annual budget deficit of $60 billion, Mr.Rudd no longer makes any pretence of giving a damn about the needs of rural communities.

Labor has made no secret of it's desire to see Australia return to a seat (albeit temporarily) on the United Nations Security Council. For an internationalist organisation like Labor, it's a veritable "holy grail" to be seen playing with the big boys on the international stage.

With sleight of hand, Messrs Rudd and Swan have managed to rip $60 million out of the agricultural budget while at the same time boosting so called "foreign aid" to four African nations to the tune of $464 million, in what many media outlets have claimed is an attempt to shore up the support of African nations in the UN for an Australian return to the Security Council.

One can only suspect the motives and allegiances of this government. While Rudd continues to play international politics with Australian taxes, regional services continue to be neglected, health and education sectors struggle, pensioners continue to scrape by and the Murray continues to die.

28 May, 2009

Government for all Australians

28th May 2009

Ray Hamann (Adv 25/5) has declared that many of us forget that governments are not elected to carry out the wishes of the so called minority.

On the surface this may be true, however, I have a clear recollection of the election night festivities during which a jubilant Rudd declared that his would be a “government for ALL Australians”.

Strangely enough, this government is no different to any other Labor government - pandering to a smug group of social engineering elite and once again ignoring the needs and wishes of their traditional core constituency.

10 May, 2009

Foreign aid

10th May 2009

The Rudd government has just finished splashing taxpayers' money about to stimulate the economy-with negligible effect.

Recently, Wayne Swan admitted we could be looking at a $60 Billion per year deficit for at least 6 years, a debt which will probably be inherited by our children and only repaid by selling off the last few assets our country possesses.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith has just announced a further $10 million aid on top of $23.5 million sent to Sri Lanka alone for use by UN agencies.

One question, if we are running on a $60 Billion annual deficit, from where does this extra $33.5 Billion come and should we be throwing money around when we have rising unemployment, companies collapsing, a struggling health sector, dwindling water supplies and reportedly sub standard education and child care?