27 December, 2009

Beef industry protection needed

27th December 2009

I read with some concern the letter by Richard Charmen (SJ 24/12) of the NSW Farmers Assoc regarding the possible changes to food policy which would allow importation of beef from BSE infected countries.

I can well understand the relief, albeit limited, that comes from Senator Heffernan's call for an inquiry into the proposed changes.

Unfortunately for Australian primary producers, successive governments have for decades continue to erode the security of our farmers and the Coalition's record,in general, is less than glowing in regards to speaking up for farmers.

Who can forget Australian wheatgrowers bearing the loss of millions following Howard's altruistic move to wipe out Iraq's debt for wheat shipments, or Downer's reticence to speak out against Biosecurity Australia's plan to allow in NZ apples possibly carrying fireblight, not to mention stone fruit from Chile?

Furthermore, did any Party listen to concerns voiced by Australian pig farmers in regards to planned pork imports and possible changes to import regulations and their concerns about the introduction of Post Weaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome, or care about the millions lost to Queensland producers due to the importation of diseased fruit carrying Black Sigatoka and Moko diseases?

Indeed, the risk of such changes to the livelihood of our producers is great and the damage to our nation's reputation is unthinkable. However, Mr. Charmen should not be putting forward the question of compensation for producers should the government pursue this course of action, on behalf of his members he should be demanding that the government abandon the whole idea entirely.

16 December, 2009

Copenhagen hypocrisy

16th December 2009

It is interesting to note in the sideshow that is the Copenhagen conference that a relatively small nation like Australia has one of the largest delegations in Denmark.

PM Rudd, in his desperation to appear an important world figure has surrounded himself with such a large entourage that the international community should find it hard to ignore his hypocrisy.

Ever the jetsetter, Kev 747's hangers on have reportedly contributed the equivalent of over 1800 tonnes of greenhouse emmissions, the same amount produced by over 2000 Malawi citizens in a week.

Certainly there is a need to have delegates at an international conference, but surely the burden on the taxpayer and the embarrassing hypocrisy could have been avoided by a video conference link in this day and age?

07 December, 2009

Swiss Referendum Exposes Hypocrisy of Official Multiculturalism.

7th December 2009

Many readers have probably heard the results of Switzerland's recent referendum proposing the banning of future construction of minarets on mosques in the country.

The referendum proposal, pushed by the Swiss People's Party was passed through a vote of 57.5% in favour of the proposal over 42.5 against and supported by 22 out of 26 cantons (states).

As one could expect from internationalist media outlets, the campaign of vitriol and hysteria following the results was swift and relied upon the tried and proven emotional slogans and mealy mouthed platitudes (hell, if you repeat the same lie often enough it becomes truth in the minds of an unthinking populace).

Reports of small numbers of liberal Swiss protesting outside parliament with placards "This is not my Switzerland" and "Swiss passport for sale" and interviews with Moslem community representatives declaring it to be "a sad day for religious freedom" with claims "Muslims indeed will not feel safe anymore" are examples of the petulance displayed by the liberal left when things do not go their way.

When one considers the reality of the proposal, it really covers little more than the area of planning regulations. The four mosques currently in existence with minarets will remain. There is no restriction on the moslems in Swiss territory opening new mosques, no restriction on them educating their offspring in the ways of their culture or their faith. We will not see bulldozers ripping through mosques nor mass repatriation of moslems living in Switzerland.

Pretty tame really....

However, supporters of the global village never let the facts get in the way of a healthy dose of propaganda. Labelling Switzerland's reportedly largest party (Advertiser, 1st Dec 2009) "the far right" Swiss People's Party one can see the panic entering into the minds of these people. Across the world, people are awakening to the reality of globalisation and showing their reticence to accept the mindless, self destructive swill often served up for consumption by a media with little concern for the issues of national interest, freedom of speech or sovereignty.

Amnesty International has labeled the vote "a violation of freedom of religion" and declared the decision of the Swiss people in their own territory would "probably be overturned by the Swiss Supreme Court or the European Court of Human Rights".

So much for democracy and national sovereignty in the eyes of narrow minded globalists.

The issue of the European Court should be a lesson to those of us whose nations have not yet been absorbed into "regional bodies". The European Court and Euro Parliament in Brussels has interfered with the internal affairs of European nations, violating their sovereignty since it's inception. Considering PM Rudd has made his desire for an Asia Pacific Union quite plain for all to see, the developments in Europe and the destruction of freedom should be a lesson to all of us.

It is interesting to note how interested Moslems become in the idea of religious freedom when Europe tries to curb their naturally expansionist instincts. Omar Al-Rawi of the Islamic Denomination of Austria declared the vote as indicating "the Swiss have failed to give a clear signal for diversity, freedom of religion and human rights" while Mohammed Sharfiq of Britain's Ramadhan Foundation youth organisation lamented that "It's a sad day for freedom of religion" and "A constitutional amendment that's targeted towards one religious community is discriminatory and abhorrent".

No doubt Sharfiq will soon be campaigning to have the exclusion zone around Mecca denying entry into the region by non moslems removed. Likewise, he will also be condemning the burning of churches in moslem nations, fighting for the rights of non moslems to worship and educate freely in moslem nations? Of course, he will obviously leave the relative comfort and safety of Britain to lead this campaign at the coal face in Saudi Arabia.......

Sharfiq has conveniently overlooked the Islamic protests in his host nation. Protests showing participants holding placards calling for those who defy Islam to be beheaded and declaring that Europe's "9/11 is on the way".

Taner Hatipoglu of the Federation of Islamic Organisations has expressed concern that the construction and planning decision will make moslems feel "no longer safe".

Indeed, I always make sure I have armed security when my council refuses permission to build another shed on my property-dark days indeed.....

Perhaps if these representatives really wish to know what it is to lack feelings of security, they should talk to the many victims of pack rape by moslem youths around Europe, the women raped by African immigrants, the families who have had to move from their streets due to intimidation by the very people to whom their governments gave sanctuary and freedom.