24 December, 2006

Labor's Social Engineers Continue Assault on Regional Australia

24th December 2006

In the wake of the Rann government's push for the establishment of amalgamated "super schools", it should come as no surprise that Mumbai Mike and Lomax Smith have turned their attention to regional South Australians in their continued quest to slash and burn expenditure.

Many South Aussies have viewed the process of creating super schools with suspicion and the consultation process has been dubious to say the least, but Rann sits happily in his ivory tower dissociated from the concerns of ordinary parents and continues his campaign to mutilate our education system.

Labor plans to slash another $620,000 from country school funding, with 19 schools each having $30,000 ripped from their allocation simply for committing the crime of having less than 85 students.

These cuts will result in the possible closure of smaller schools (or amalgamation into Rann's beloved "super size me" schools) after the bewildered school councils struggle to find ways to make ends meet, such as delaying equipment upgrades, shedding vital SSO's whose assistance with struggling students can often mean the difference between success and being thrown onto the scrapheap, cutting subjects or extra curricular activities.

It would appear the modern Labor Party with its ingrained distaste for regional Australians and all they represent (ie traditional Australia) is intent upon some bizarre style of social engineering in which country towns and their education institutions are starved of funding, support and infrastructure or services thus forcing the inhabitants to move down to the larger urban areas.

Country schools offer a style of education hard to find in urban areas, often producing students who are happier, balanced with a wider general knowledge than their urban counter parts. Students have greater contact with their teachers, generally smaller classes and gain a wider knowledge regarding the reality of the world through field trips and community based activities which help to ensure the continuation of community traditions and events.

Exactly why does the ALP have such a problem with regional communities? What have they done to warrant such disregard by these Global Village Idiots?

Is it that regional Australians, being traditionally conservative both socially and politically, represent a way of life so repugnant and distasteful to the "intelligentsia elite" that they must be brought to heel at any cost?

Having experienced the education offered to my children by both the "new class elite" urban schools and small country schools, I recognise the value of the well rounded education offered by our regional institutions. It is priceless, worth far more than the $30,000 Rann wishes to strip from their funding.

Perhaps what Rann finds most objectionable is the fact that small schools focus on traditional values, building a sound educational foundation based on the "3 Rs" and pay scant regard to the new class guilt ridden rubbish one finds in their ridiculous homage to such events as "Harmony Day", "Sorry Day" and "Reconciliation Week", not to mention their over emphasis on observing the traditions and holidays of foreign cultures and alien religions.

Australian Protectionists recognise the invaluable contribution made by regional Australia to our national identity and economic survival. All Australians should reject this continued assault upon our regional cousins by the New Class Elite and tell the government that ALL Australians, regardless of where they live, are entitled to quality education taught in the manner most appropriate to local needs.

06 December, 2006

Downer Silent as Constituents' Livelihoods at Risk

6th December 2006

One need not be surprised as the track record of Australian media when it comes to raising the profile of threats to our nation is less than admirable, however, Adelaide Hills weekly "The Courier" should be commended for finally taking up the concerns of local fruit growers with their recent report on the threat of Fire Blight from imported fruit.

The uncertainty faced by Australian apple growers due to the indifference shown by Bio (in)Security Australia was raised repeatedly by Australian Protectionist candidates during the last Federal Election, notably by One Nation's Senate candidate, however it was an issue both the major parties and the media chose to ignore at the time.

In a well written article which clarified all the issues, the Courier indicated that for the fourth time in a decade Hills fruit growers are facing the threat by Bio security Australia to allow in NZ Apples, a move which threatens the $40million industry.

In a move one could expect from the globalist bureaucracy, growers have only been given until January 12 to lodge an appeal against the recommendations by Bio Security- conveniently timed for the growers' busiest time of year.

Fire Blight is a disease which could easily wipe out all of our state's pear orchards and severely damage our apple crops. Most of our estimated 150 growers are located in the Hills in a region where weather conditions make the trees vulnerable to fire blight. To allow in the imported apples threatens the state's reputation as a "clean, green" provider as well as our export markets.

Under Bio Security's recommendations, the level of quarantine protection our nation's producers can expect is limited to the apples being inspected only once, with fruit being harvested from trees showing "signs" of fire blight or harvested from trees as close as three metres to those showing severe infection.

A representative of local growers indicated that fire blight can only be controlled through the use of antibiotic sprays which are not registered in our country and would not be allowed into our water catchment areas.

New Zealand apples have been banned from our nation since 1921 due to the prevalence of Fire Blight across the Tasman.

Downer's reticence to come to the defence of growers in his own electorate clearly shows that his concern lies not with the welfare of his constituents, not with the security of their livelihoods or the well being of their families, but with the continuation of the major parties' programme for open borders, unfettered trade and globalisation - at any cost.

Considering that Bio Security is little more than the mouth piece of these wretched global village idiots, it is of little surprise that they continually come up with the same findings the government seeks, recommending that our people be offered substandard imported food, much of it from nations with poor processing standards and rife with infectious diseases which threaten the nation's safe, clean and green reputation, threaten the livelihoods of our primary producers, associated industries and the economic welfare of regional Australians.

Boycott imported food where ever possible. Write to your local MP demanding that local producers be given the protection they deserve. Write to the papers condemning politicians' ineptitude and lack of concern for the welfare of regional Australia and the health of Australians nationwide.

01 December, 2006

Environmental Issues - Too Important to be Railroaded By Global Village Idiots

1st December 2006

The issue of the environment is currently foremost in many people's minds- perhaps quite rightly so. Unfortunately, it is an issue with which the unwashed and unproductive lefty alternative life-stylers believe their day has come.

In the wake of growing discontent with the actions of the Coalition of the Confused in the Middle East, the militant environmentalists have seized on yet another perceived weapon in their ideological arsenal to soften up our pseudo conservative "leaders"- the Kyoto Protocol.

As disagreeable as it is to admit this, the Howard Government is justified in it's refusal to sign the Kyoto Agreement. Responsible nations such as Australia understand what is required to be done. While some sections of our economy may need further incentive to meet their obligations, the fact is signing yet another treaty to violate our sovereignty with a bunch of two bit Third World dictatorships will do absolutely nothing to improve conditions on our planet.

All signing this agreement will do is force greedy multinationals offshore to Third World and developing nations with few laws in place to protect the environment and the added bonus of compliant cheap labour. Our nation's already mutilated manufacturing and processing sectors will gasp their last and Australian workers will yet again be forced onto the queues of the unemployed or into positions with poor conditions, fighting for a place in the workforce with the new influx of Third World workers happy with their new found place in the sun thanks to Kowtow Johnny's new I.R reforms.

No Pacific Islands will be saved from disappearing into the ocean, no furry animals will wave their thanks and gratitude from their saved rainforest habitat, the on again off again ozone hole will not shrink and disappear and we will not be able to return to squandering our water resources thanks to a sudden regular rainfall.

The only parties to benefit from our pandering to the shrill shrieking of the new age global village idiots will be the ever present greedy multinationals whose sole purpose for existence is the continual search for increased profits- whatever the cost, and those corrupt dictatorships who feed off the misery of their own bleeding masses.

Unfortunately for the Global Village Idiots, not all nations and cultures are the same- we don't all play by the same rules, we don't all have the same values and enmeshing our nation into a myriad of UN sponsored treaties to interfere with our internal affairs will NOT bring about the world of peace, health and happiness they so desperately seek.

While agreeing with the move not to sign Kyoto, we are not impressed with the poor performance by governments of either political hue in the quest to find resources to fuel our nation's continued economic growth and ensure the continued prosperity and well being of future generations of Australians.

Both Labor and Liberal pay lip service to the issue which lies at the heart of our nation's very survival, yet do nothing substantial to address the problem. Is it because of funding received by multinationals at election time? Do these divided loyalties between political survival and a passing interest in the welfare of their constituents interfere with progress in this vital area?

Australia is a nation with an immense variety of resources. We are not limited to reliance on coal, oil and uranium. While Yellow cake Mike Rann and Kowtow Johnny are happy to run around waxing lyrical about the economic and environmental benefits of ripping out our vast reserves of uranium and selling it to communist dictators in Beijing or building nuclear reactors around the nation (though a little vague on the actual sites for construction and exactly what the hell we're going to do with the waste), they seem all too willing to turn a blind eye to advances made around the world in the areas of renewable energy.

Internationally, experts have advised the potential for the utilisation of hot rock reserves in the production of electricity and South Australia's own Cooper Basin has been earmarked as highly promising. It has been estimated that a large plant could achieve sales of $85.1 million annually and save CO2 emissions of 850,000 tonnes.

South Australia led the way in exploring the possibilities with the Habanero 1 drilling project. By all accounts a promising venture, but if our governments are serious about the progress to renewable, cleaner and cheaper fuel, if they are so concerned about the continuation of our current standard of living, why has this project not received the high priority it so richly deserves? A $5million grant from the govt with Habanero 2 left in the hands of private enterprise is not what one would call leadership.

Another possibility, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion has also been making progress around the world, with pilot projects such as those in India and parts of the US showing the lethargy displayed by successive Australian governments and their happy reliance on fossil fuels.

Wind farms- bogged down by arguments over the flight paths of birds and supposedly "unsightly" windmills which might upset the neighbours, solar energy given half hearted support by governments happy to sell off our nation's power plants to foreigners who in turn raise the price and halve the service, desalination plants- an issue raised by patriotic and nationalist candidates at the last Federal election but ignored by the media and major parties, are once again up for discussion but only as a last resort. This of course accompanied by a plan to build a weir at the end of the Murray River to save water, but the answer to the possibility of falling water levels at the lakes has been addressed by our State government with the idea of filling it up with salt water.

Never mind the needs of our dairy farmers in the region- another desalination plant anyone?

Our current crop of multinational puppets lack the spine and intestinal fortitude of the statesmen of yesteryear. It appears gone are the days of forward planning for the development of the nation's infrastructure to ensure economic development and prosperity for our nation's people.

With the exception of the small glimmer of hope one witnesses in Western Australia with further plans being forged for the further development of the Ord River region, it appears our so called representatives merely view Australia as a giant mine and market place, free for grabs by unscrupulous multinationals with no care for the welfare of ordinary Australians.

The long term future prosperity and security of our nation demands that our governments plan for the future needs of our people. Australia is a land rich in resources, rich in knowledge- there is no excuse for the lack of progress towards ensuring our nation's needs in regards to continued, renewable fuel.

Except perhaps, a wilful neglect of duty on the part of the internationalist parties our voters have the misfortune to choose between today.

26 November, 2006

Timely Warnings From a Representative Who Actually Gave a Damn

26th November 2006

"Australia can achieve true national independence only if we are prepared to stand on our own two feet as a nation and accept that our salvation lies in our own efforts. We will not achieve independence by pretending to be something we are not or by clutching to the apron strings of Asia. To be truly independent we have to take the hard decisions, we have to take the risk on our own people, we have to revive a strong Australian national feeling."

"All this will take courage, it will take commitment and it will need us as Australians to take responsibility for ourselves and our country. However, I, unlike some other politicians, have faith in the ability and character of my own people. I believe Australians have the will and the substance to engage in the struggle and emerge as winners."

Graeme Campbell, "The struggle for true Australian independence"

"It is up to concerned people to organise, not only in opposition to these nihilists and opportunists, but also with a positive vision of the Australia of the future- an independent and united Australia which relies upon it's own people and resources. High on the priority for that vision is ridding ourselves of the millstones of multiculturalism and mass immigration and the delusion that we are part of Asia."

"While that contention might have been useful once to force us to recognise our close proximity to Asia it has become one of the big lies of the elites. We are no more a part of Asia than England is part of Africa. Our continent is unique in the world and our history and culture are unique.We have to have the courage to accept that and we have to learn our history in order to understand more about ourselves, in order to value our country more. If we take Australia for granted, it will be taken from us. We should be proud of our heritage and be prepared to stand up against those who would efface it for illusionary gains."

Graeme Campbell, "Immigration and consensus"

Graeme Campbell was indeed a man before his time. A rare breed to be found within the walls of Parliament House- a man, a politician of honour and decency. Like all "prophets", despite the truth he spoke and the warnings he gave about the road on which his people were headed, he was most despised amongst his own- leading to his resignation from the so called "Labor" Party for daring to speak out against the vested interests and parasites who were leading the land and people he loved to ruin.

Nothing has changed since Campbell gave his warnings, except the period of time we have to reverse the disastrous effects of the decisions made by those who would betray their own and sell the birthright of future generations for a pittance.

For more information and a study regarding the corrupt machinations used by the elites, it is recommended you gain a copy of Graeme Campbell's "Australia Betrayed".

03 September, 2006

Howard Lies to Primary Producers

3rd September 2006

Despite the continued rhetoric one hears continually from the Government regarding their concern for the long term security of our nation, once again the politicians have shown the lack of value in their word.

Clearly enough time has gone by in the minds of our nation's "representatives" for them to think we have forgotten all the promises made at the last election.

This week's revelation that the Howard government has turned it's back on a supposed iron clad guarantee following the destruction wrought by Cyclone Larry in Queensland that NO foreign bananas would be imported into our nation to meet demand should be roundly condemned by all thinking Australians.

This issue far surpasses the need to meet the short term demands of a petulant urban population whining about the small size and high cost of local bananas. Those same consumers should be buying Australian produce in order to support local producers as well as doing themselves a favour - most foreign produce is irradiated and chemically treated to such an extent one can only wonder about the long term effects.

In 2001, foreign bananas were imported resulting in an outbreak of Black Sigatoka disease (bananas are also at risk from Moko disease). This outbreak resulted in the closure of 12 farms and cost the Australian taxpayer $27 million to eradicate.

Clearly, the government is using the ignorance displayed by an urban population regarding threats to our primary producers to further open up our markets to foreign produce, produce of an inferior quality, diseased or riddled with chemicals- while our own producers struggle with their backs to the wall.

The track record displayed by our "leaders" ensuring our security and future is not good. Once again, another lie and another threat to a local sector and all the job security that industry provides.

This shipment is not a one-off event. The importers have a 2 year license to continue this assault against local producers.

This is the thin end of the wedge in the continued endeavour to wipe out our local primary producers. Witness the disastrous situation faced by our citrus producers and dairy farmers following government policy. Once these are on their knees, foreign producers will need to fill the gap to meet domestic demand.

One cannot rely upon the government or government sponsored bodies like Bio Security Australia to ensure the security of local primary producers. What will follow? Citrus canker? Post weaning multi systemic wasting syndrome in our pork industry? Fire blight from NZ? This is the price to pay with a parliament willing to betray local producers and pursue globalist economic rationalist policies.

The value of the words uttered by the "people" Australians continue to vote in every four years.

22 January, 2006

T&R Pastoral Shuns Locals

22nd January 2006

As one would expect, local paper "the Advertiser" is once again slow off the mark reporting threats to local workers.

A week ago the Advertiser got around to reporting a story run by the Murray Valley Standard on November 29th 2005, which stated that local meat exporting processor T&R Pastoral would be sponsoring over 100 Chinese process workers to come to Murray Bridge to work at the plant.

Reports indicate that a delegation of T&R's executives travelled to Henan Province to "hand pick the cream" of the region's process workers.

As a sign of the company's altruism towards their newfound and pliable employees, the company's directors have indicated that the 4 year visas granted to the Chinese will not be an issue as they will be sponsored by the company for permanent residency after only 1 year. The company has also secured rental accommodation for the families of these foreign workers, as well as supplying doctors, translators, language lesson for the families as well as approaching local sporting clubs to arrange after school activities for their offspring.

Such altruism (if one could be so naive as to believe this to be the case) would be commendable if it had been extended to Australian workers seeking secure employment to provide for their families.

No. Rather than supporting local workers, T&R chose instead to shun their own people and turned to a foreign land to provide workers more accustomed to poor working conditions, minimal pay and maximum hours-working like dogs for little return.

The claims by Murraylands Regional Development Board chief executive (grandiose title) Brenton Lewis that T&R could not secure local workers ring terribly hollow when letters began to appear in the town's local paper from people who had come to Murray Bridge from as far afield as Port Lincoln , with processing experience and the express intention of working for T&R, only to be informed they weren't required.

A a true to form globalist, Lewis then proceeded to add insult to injury and turned on the Murray Bridge locals. Playing the race card and assuming an air of supposed moral (and one would assume perceived intellectual?) superiority, he issued the dire warning to local inhabitants that if they don't get this right (ie, shut up and become a dumping ground for cheap Third World labour), no one would want to come to the city and they'd get the horrid reputation of being a "region of REDNECKS".

Clearly Lewis and the T&R executives have little respect or regard for Murray Bridge locals and the farming communities around them.

Perhaps if T&R had offered resettlement assistance to Australians, along with rental accommodation and other perks-the company would not have the much touted (but barely credible) problem of finding labour to fill it's shifts.

It would seem a backlash is expected by the powers that be. No sooner than T&R had announced their plans, the local council (yes, those elected to protect the region's interests!) began to bend over backwards creating multicultural councils and immigrant support groups, while editorials were awash with step by step guides on "how to make cheap labour foreigners welcome in your town". Apparently it's so simple- one need only seek them out and give them a smile and friendly wave- while you're on your way to Centrelink to hand in your forms because T&R didn't want to give you a job, one presumes.

T&R be warned. Murraylands residents are not stupid. They are not complacent. What the company is doing is plainly obvious and immoral. Those company lapdogs sitting on the Murray Bridge City Council will eventually be held accountable by their constituents for their dereliction of duty towards their community.

Murraylands activists watch developments with interest.