11 December, 2008

Art imitating life?

11th December 2008

There appears to be much concern regarding increased incidents of violence in our society coupled with senseless acts of cruelty against animals for apparent cheap thrills.

There could be a myriad of reasons for the prevalence of such anti social behaviour, however the glorification of violence in the rubbish peddled by movie studios must surely bear some blame.

DVD rental stores such as VideoEzy stock films such as Uwe Boll's "Seed" which depicts scenes such as smashing an infant against a bus-pole, bludgeoning a policewoman's head until nothing is left, along with footage provided by PETA (for 2% of the movie's profits) depicting animals being skinned alive, dogs being starved and their heads crushed....

Human values are lowered in an unending quest for titillation, cheap thrills and entertainment that debases-all for a quick buck to be made by film studios and video outlets.

Such movies desensitise people against violence and cruelty- the presence of such behaviour in our society raises the question whether art is imitating life or dictating what is acceptable behaviour?

It would appear we are merely reaping what we sow in this regard.