22 October, 2007

Political "leadership"

22nd October 2007

Rudd claims we need "new leadership, Howard claims we need the "right leadership".

It is clear neither Party understands. What Australia needs are representatives who remember they are the servants, elected to work for the interests of their constituents - not ego maniacs with delusions of self importance and a belief they were born to rule.

Perhaps then, Australians might begin to give the political process a little respect and our nation might begin to make some real progress, particularly on issues affecting regional Australia which only seem to be addressed in an election year.

21 October, 2007

Harvey Norman Boss - "Two Parties, Same Destination"

21st October 2007

So close to an election it is refreshing to hear a representative of the globalists come out and call "a spade a spade".

In a recent article in the South Australian "Sunday Mail" newspaper, Harvey Norman boss Gerry Harvey announced his support for any government, of whatever political hue, to bring in what he described as "a second tier" to the labour market.

In doing so, Mr. Harvey spouted the economic philosophy faced by our nation's forebears when unscrupulous bosses pushed for the importation of cheap labour from the "developing world" in order to maximise profit and push Australian workers to either accept lower wages and conditions, or be removed from the labour market all together.

Mr. Harver went on to announce that foreign "guest workers" should be invited into our nation to be paid less than the award wage and such a move would "preserve Australia's economic success".

Harvey went on to inform the apparently ignorant readers that Australian manufacturers were moving overseas to utilise cheap labour. It would appear that he seeks a government that would advocate saving the few Australian based manufacturers the inconvenience of moving operations overseas and bring the cheap, compliant Third World labour to our shores instead.

Like most advocates of an unfettered flow of international capital and labour, Mr. Harvey did not appear too concerned about the result of the forthcoming Federal election provided "business went on as usual".

Telling us what most already know, Harvey declared that life would not change under a Rudd government as both parties embraced similar policies.

Australia - the One Party State.

This being the case, one can only wonder why the so-called representatives of the interests of working class families- the union movement, continues to financially aid Labor- a party aiming to stab them in the back as soon as it gains power!

At least in times gone by, both the union movement and much of the Labor Party recognised the desire of unscrupulous bosses for a flow of cheap, compliant foreign labour and fought the process tooth and nail through legislation restricting immigration, governing wages and when necessary making their presence felt on the nation's docks.

Clearly, those days are gone. Search as they might, ordinary Australian families are left defenceless as the current parties continue to push towards a global village- a borderless world where multinationals effortlessly shift both capital and labour around the globe in order to maximise profit. To hell with the consequences and misery, both environmental and economic, that they leave in their wake.

Although not standing in this election, the Australian Protectionist Party is working hard to build a foundation on which to launch a campaign for 2010. Protectionists recognise the need to offer an alternative to the Global Village Idiots who would run our homeland into the ground, destroy our identity and treat human beings as mere economic units, to be disposed of as international trends dictate.

The time is long overdue for Australians to make a stand and actively oppose the destruction of the family farm, the decimation of our industries and the sell off of our national assets. These belong to the Australian nation, to our young who have every right to expect the level of self determination and independence that was experienced by previous generations.

Australia, it's YOUR country, protect what is left for future generations.

13 August, 2007

Howard - Happy to Dump a Downer on Primary Producers

13th August 2007

It's nice to see our Prime Minister is beginning to feel the heat and is now prepared to spread some of the blatant responsibility for our nation's problems around to his colleagues.

Alex "fishnet stocking" Downer, MP for the SA seat of Mayo and our nation's Foreign Minister, has been conspicuously silent for most of the year regarding the continued push by Bio in Security Australia to allow into our country imports of New Zealand apples.

As stated in previous editorials, BS.A has attempted four times in the last decade to push through the decision to allow into Australia shipments of Fire Blight apples, a disease that can wipe out our $40million per year industry and destroy our clean green image for primary produce.

This year, that organisation supposedly funded to guarantee the protection of our biological integrity and the continuation of our primary producers' livelihoods, was successful in breaking open the protection of our local producers (all in the name of free trade) and securing the introduction of NZ apples.

The fruit need only be inspected once, can be harvested from trees showing sign of Fire Blight and harvested from within 3 metres of trees showing severe signs of infestation.

However, there must indeed be more than just talk of an election in the air. Following yet another report of probable apple imports from Chile after another Free Trade Agreement is signed (all in the national interest- of course), along with the importation of a disease known as Sharka (Plum Pox) which not only kills off the apples but is deadly to all stone fruit trees, including cherries, our fearless defender has leapt to the defence.

Defence of what, exactly? Of our primary producers? Of all the associated industries and the many workers they employ? Of the continued existence of our regional towns? Our biological integrity or the national reputation for quality food produced in clean conditions?

Well, one would like to think so... But, back to reality.

Alex, feeling the electoral heat for the first time since that nasty little upstart from the Democrats took some time off from singing with Redgum and gave him a little scare, has leapt to the defence of.....his reputation.

Yes, one must have one's priorities right, particularly in an election year.

Drawing a line in the sand in a letter to a constituency newspaper, Intrepid Alex proudly declared "For as long as I remain the Foreign Minister, Australia will never trade off our science based quarantine system for any free trade agreement with anyone"

Uh huh......Well, your reputation on such issues in the past isn't exactly glowing now, is it Alex? Suddenly, Fire Blight isn't such an issue. It's not so contagious. So harmless in fact that we can even bring in fruit from trees showing infection. Plum Pox? A minor issue we can sweep under the carpet, keep people distracted with other issues until after the election. If all else fails, we can trot out some tripe about economic gains in other areas, or even better, fall back on the excuse that "stone fruits are impractical to grow in a climate such as ours with water being such a concern...."

Australian Protectionists are to be found in a growing number of political movements and industry organisations. It is not a dying ideology. To the contrary, the philosophy of protectionism, environmental, cultural, economic- is making a dynamic comeback in the face of the failed policies of globalisation, economic rationalism and multiculturalism.

We watch with interest the continued acts of political suicide performed by the likes of Downer, Howard and Rudd. The alternative offered by the social engineers one sees in the Greens and Democrats is as hideous as it is bizarre and offers little more than a passing fad for alternative lifestylers and layabout left wing uni activists.

If our parliamentarians were so concerned for the welfare of our regional producers and the proper use of their constituents' taxes, perhaps they would consider taking an Australian Protectionist stand on just one issue?

Take for example the issue of foreign aid. This is a good one for Alex. A major concern for Australians is the billions of dollars thrown at tin pot Third world dictatorships to alleviate poverty and assist in times of crisis. Our schools, our health system, care for our elderly, assistance for young families- all this goes wanting while we throw a minimum of $300 million per year at Indonesia, an estimated $600 million to the corrupt New Guinea government, money to communist Vietnam, corrupt Philippines regimes, not to mention those genocidal maniacs in Africa......

Perhaps our "leaders" could take a nation-centric point of view and put the needs of their nation's food producers and taxpayers first? It's time to redirect the funding from lost causes and genocidal pigs grunting and squealing with their noses in the internationalist trough and to use it sensibly.

Cease foreign aid. This does not mean turning our backs on our perceived "human responsibilities" in times of crisis. It merely means to cease sending millions of dollars to support every two bit tribal leader who hints he might let us use his cheap labour or mine for copper in his hell hole of a country....

The Australian Protectionist realises his fellow Australians work hard for their money and wish to see it targeted. In times of crisis, the Australian government should review each situation and act according to it's merit. Rather than bestowing upon some self serving dictatorship a gift of millions of dollars to buy a new fleet of Mercedes Benz cars for his underaged wives, or a new palace upwind from the smell of the shanty towns down river (good ol' whitey), Australians must send goods only.

Think of the wider implications of this. The Australian government meets it's so called "international obligations" by assisting those in need. At the same time, in assessing what is needed, the government spends Australian taxes, by purchasing Australian manufactured goods, or sending over Australian grown and processed foods to those in need under the supervision of a reputable aid organisation.

Targeted funding, ensuring what is needed gets to those in need- not into a Swiss bank account. At the same time, our beleaguered farmers and processing industries can be sure that our government will purchase local produce- keeping Australian taxes inside Australia- benefiting Australians.

No longer will millions of dollars disappear overseas, benefiting no one but those who deserve to be hung by their own long suffering populations. Millions of dollars in Australian taxation could be redirected into our own education, health and infrastructure systems- ensuring a better life for future Australians.

14 July, 2007

Unions - Actively Endorsing a Flood Of Cheap Labour?

14th July 2007

Few could deny the need for the presence of a responsible union movement in today's industrial climate. Indeed, with both major parties fawning to the whims of large multinationals in order to secure their next round of election donations and the poor hapless Australian worker left defenceless, the time for a decent Pro Australian workers' movement has never been more pressing.

This being the case, one really has to wonder at the motivation by one union in particular ( and please note I am a member of a union)- the Shearers and Rural Workers' Union, or to be more precise the motivation of that movement's leaders.

The leadership of the S-RWU have recently urged their membership to protest at the recent deferral of their payrise (of some $10 per week) by quitting their positions in our nation's primary sector and running off to the mines.

Our nation's farmers have been under the hammer from all quarters. Faced with deregulation of their industries, threatened by cheap imports, lowered quarantine regulations and the subsequent threat of introduced diseases, a less than sympathetic pseudo conservative government and hostile Opposition, our farmers have also had to deal with the recent drought and lowering of water allocations.

However, this all seems to be of no consequence to our internationalist union bosses who think nothing of calling to their members to uproot their families from regional towns and leave our nation's food producers to look elsewhere for labour.

Bleating loud and hard like a Boer goat buck during mating season, these wannabe Labor candidates regurgitate their irrelevant and archaic class war slogans while giving little thought to the true consequences of their advice. Of course, it doesn't really matter anyway- if they can only look as belligerent as possible they might well gain candidacy in a winnable seat and secure a lifestyle of which their working class brethren can only dream, with the bonus they need only mix with the "lower classes" 6 months prior to an election.

One can only wonder at the motivation behind such a bizarre call for a union's membership to quit employment, especially over $10 per week. Assuming the workers do quit their jobs, from where do our self indulgent internationalist union leaders think their wages will come? How will they justify their own existence if they have no membership?

Have these class warriors considered the effect on regional towns should there be a mass exodus of labour to Western Australian mines or up to Roxby Downs? The closure of small businesses and services, not to mention playing into the hands of South Australia's Premier Mike "all spin and no substance" Rann with his grand plan of closing down as many regional schools as possible and creating his handful of so called "Super Schools".

Furthermore, why have these union bosses expressed the desire to see those members who choose to remain on the land and residing in the regional centres they and their families love, lose their jobs permanently? The deferral of this wage rise is only for 12 months, yet the union is pushing for farmers ( who also have families to feed and hefty bank debts to service, not to mention a business to rebuild following the drought) to bear yet another financial burden when they are least able to afford it! No, in their bloody minded pursuit of money, these people would prefer to see the business that employs their member go under forever rather than give them 12 months grace to rebuild.

The final consideration (for the time being) in this matter is the issue of labour. Should Australian workers heed the call of our altruistic internationalist union leaders to uproot our families and head for the mines, where the towns are paved with gold and the surrounding countryside flows with milk and honey (God knows, our union leaders wouldn't lie- would they?) we would be faced with one of two scenario.

First, our nation's primary producers decide the whole thing is too bloody hard, sell up to some Managed Investment Scheme which turns our country's farmland into a giant woodlot for the newly erected water wasting pulp mill to be built down the road and our food is imported en masse from some Third World country with dubious health and sanitary requirements ( not an attractive proposition, but I'm somewhat fussy regarding what I eat).

Secondly, our farmers continue to realise that their vocation is indeed a national service and decide to fight on and keep the family farm going. Unfortunately, our wannabe class war loving, nation hating future ALP candidates have driven away all the Australian workers to go dig up iron, coal and uranium for the Chinese.......

That leaves but one option- imported labour. Cheap, compliant, Third World labour- working on Australian farms, in the associated industries, changing the very identity of the regional centres that lie at the heart of our national identity.

Perhaps this is the real motivation behind what seems initially as a declaration of suicidal intent by our union leaders. They are all internationalists, this we know well. By driving our workers up to the mines, it opens the flood gates to labour imported from the Third World and the great raft of associated government sponsored "industry" that goes along with it.

I mentioned earlier the need for our union leaders to justify their existence once all the Aussies had consigned themselves to the pit for the welfare of the expanding Chinese economy. Imagine the great range of issues our unions could whinge and whine about following the great influx of African, Arab and Asian labour into the regional centres?

One can see it now. Our employers aren't providing Halal meat and prayer mats for the newly arrived immigrants. The farmers haven't set aside appropriate times and funding for English lessons. It's cruel for the farmer to make the non English speaking immigrant get up so early in the morning as it interferes with the traditional family routine the children experienced back home.....

God spare us........

Of course working people are entitled to a decent wage and I certainly would not be foolish enough to declare our farm workers do not work hard and are not entitled to a payrise (which will be eaten by financial institution fees and charges), but in this case there is no point in killing the proverbial goose that lays the golden egg for a mere $10 per week.

No, it is in the interest of the Australian worker and the nation as a whole that our farmers are granted this period of grace in order to secure the continuity of their business, the position of Australian workers on the land and the welfare of Australian regional centres across the country.

23 April, 2007

Water Threat Howard's Final Assault on Farmers?

23rd April 2007

The suspicions held by Australian Protectionists regarding the machinations of internationalists over the water issue have gained weight following Howard's recent blustering about water control.

Responsible Aussies are well aware of the crisis facing our nation. Australians have, with minimal complaint, changed their water usage habits in order to conserve water and accepted the government imposed regulations covering water use.

However, governments of both political hues in both the Federal and State political spheres have consistently dragged their heels (despite raking in millions through the added "River Murray Levy") when it comes to averting the impending disaster awaiting our nation.

During the last Federal election, only the One Nation Senate team raised the issue of desalination plants- an issue consistently ignored by the other parties as well as much of the media, despite continued evidence that we were in for dire consequences if we didn't plan for the future.

It should come as no surprise that the Coalition (with Labor continually baying in the background like petulant children for Australia to sign the Kyoto Agreement while ignoring the ramifications of such an action) has now chosen to play the bully boy against our nation's food producers and threatened to over-ride the Australian Constitution by cutting off the water to our farmers.

As stated in other articles on this site, Section 100 of the Australian Constitution states: "The Commonwealth shall not, by any law or regulation of trade or commerce, abridge the right of a state or of the residents therein to the reasonable use of the waters of rivers for conservation or irrigation".

This right cannot be overturned (like the rest of our Constitution) without recourse to a referendum put to the people of our nation.

Should Howard and his anti Australian cronies succeed in their threat to turn off the water and deny our nation's farmers access, a number of ugly issues then raise their heads (as with most decisions taken by globalism obsessed internationalists).

Firstly, the livelihoods of an estimated 50,000 farmers will be placed at risk, not to mention the associated industries and the economic survival of many regional towns. What is at risk is 40% of our nation's agricultural production.

Of course, the globalists shrug their shoulders and say "So what? Australians will appreciate paying a fraction for their food when it is imported from the Third World".

Importation of food from the Third World raises another unpalatable scenario. First, there is little we can do to regulate their production techniques. Many readers may have seen television reports showing human excrement used to "fertilize" vegetables in China and the filthy conditions used to process fish, meat and vegetable produce in other parts of Asia. Indeed, much of this produce was for the export market.

Likewise, in the rush to get cheap (and you can bet it will only be cheap for the short term) foodstuffs onto Australian supermarket shelves, can we trust the government to regulate the chemicals used to fumigate the produce prior to shipment?

Our nation's primary producers have a world wide reputation for clean produce at a decent price. By denying them water, it will take most of them at least 8-10 years to return to a level of adequate production, that is assuming most of them can still hold their lands in the face of pressure from the banks or haven't sold up to unscrupulous Managed Investment Companies for a pittance.

In the face of the government's reticence to defend our nation's apple producers from continued assaults by Bio- Security Australia in their quest to flood our market with Fire Blight apples from New Zealand, are the Australian people confident that the same government will ensure our nation is secure from the introduction of citrus canker and other diseases in their endless quest to flood our country with cheap produce?

Our reputation and ability to produce top quality food free of disease will be lost forever. Our farmers will be reduced to the same level as their regional counterparts, producing substandard food, consistently struggling with introduced diseases in order to simply make ends meet.

That's the reality of the "level playing field...."

No one can deny the nation is facing a crisis. However, a nation-centred government would be practicing a high degree of fiscal responsibility at such a time. Rather than sending billions of dollars of Australian taxpayers' funds overseas to prop up and placate every two bit, tin pot corrupt Third World dictatorship in the region, our taxes should be used to build vital infrastructure such as desalination plants and pipelines to ensure adequate water supplies to our nation's producers.

The ability to produce food in quantities that ensure self sufficiency is an issue of National Sovereignty.

By refusing to ensure adequate water supplies to our farmers and choosing to pursue the "easier" short term solution of forcing our farmers off their land and throwing a few years of compensation at them, our politicians are displaying a gross dereliction of duty towards their constituents and a blatant disregard for our National Constitution.