16 March, 2009

Immigration cuts

16th March 2009

Given the current economic situation the recent news by the government to cut immigration by 18 000 is welcome news even though it is only a small step in the right direction.

However, of concern is the category in which the cuts are to take place- skilled immigration. During times of economic downturn in which local employees lose their jobs, it stands to reason that many may have to look for work for which they are over qualified in order to pay mortgages and feed families.

Therefore, we have more people seeking the blue collar jobs and part time positions, the very positions which often attract new arrivals such as those settled under "humanitarian" programs.

Surely, if the government is interested in employment and the national interest, they should be allowing in the skilled immigrants who have finances behind them and skills to contribute to the economy and instead cut the intake in the "humanitarian" category who often have few skills, little English and more often than not require support from the Australian taxpayer?