29 July, 2008

Detention centres

29th July 2008

The twisted logic displayed by the Rudd government over the last 8 months of "policy on the run" is little short of mindboggling.

The latest stunning piece of policy involves the declaration that illegal immigrants will now be "fast tracked" in processing.

No reasonable person would deny this is an improvement, however it would appear that the government now intends to get these applicants out into the community as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, in yet another display of superficial altruistic nonsense, the Rudd regime has also declared that taxpayer funds will be supplied to those whose applications have failed so they are able to contest the decisions of the government!

Why bother? Why not just open the borders and be done with it?

Clearly the whole concept of even initially refusing permanent residency to illegal entrants is little more than a superficial act to placate those concerned with the issues of environmental impact, national sovereignty and national interest.

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