10 May, 2009

Foreign aid

10th May 2009

The Rudd government has just finished splashing taxpayers' money about to stimulate the economy-with negligible effect.

Recently, Wayne Swan admitted we could be looking at a $60 Billion per year deficit for at least 6 years, a debt which will probably be inherited by our children and only repaid by selling off the last few assets our country possesses.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith has just announced a further $10 million aid on top of $23.5 million sent to Sri Lanka alone for use by UN agencies.

One question, if we are running on a $60 Billion annual deficit, from where does this extra $33.5 Billion come and should we be throwing money around when we have rising unemployment, companies collapsing, a struggling health sector, dwindling water supplies and reportedly sub standard education and child care?

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