07 July, 2009

Climate change and immigration

7th July 2009

In the never ending debate regarding climate change, along with the attempts to smear Senator Fielding's character for having the audacity to hold a different opinion, it strikes me as strange both sides have ignored one very important issue.

A number of aid agencies have now predicted that by 2015, there will be over 250 million people "on the move" due to the effects of climate change.

If this is the case, considering Australia can barely support the 21million people we have living here due to minimal arable land and our current water crisis, exactly what is our government planning to do when a large percentage of this 250million come knocking on our door?

Given the indisputable fact that a continent such as ours is already overpopulated, will both sides of the debate face the harsh reality that the only option when faced with such a massive movement of the world's population is to considerably increase defence spending, tighten border control and restrict immigration?

Perhaps this is the "inconvenient truth" and it is much easier to ignore this issue while denigrating the intelligence of the other side?

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