29 July, 2009

The Prime Minister's anti-protectionism

29th July 2009

The recent tirade directed by PM Rudd against his union followers should leave little doubt as to his allegiances.

Concerned with the security of Australian jobs, unions recently put forward the suggestion that governments show preference for local producers when purchasing for their departments-only to be met with derision from our globalism obsessed PM.

In his condemnation of the idea that Australian governments should use Australian taxes to support the industries that employ the Australians who pay the taxes, Rudd ridiculously asserted that such an idea would bring about the collapse of the world economy and blamed such behaviour for creating the Great Depression.

Conjuring the "Protectionist Bogeyman", Rudd would have us believe that those supporting the idea of buying locally, supporting Australian primary producers, manufacturing workers and transport workers would also build a wall around the continent and refuse any imports whatsoever-a ridiculous suggestion.

It is an irrefutable fact that this country cannot produce everything and must import some goods, as is the case with every nation on earth, however, the implementation of a sensible and moderate system of tariffs along with a campaign to raise awareness of and support for a Buy Australian campaign has nothing to do with "isolationism".

Governments should be leading the way in supporting our producers. This can be done by purchasing locally where ever possible for government supplies, buying directly from Australian farmers and manufacturers when supplying foreign aid in preference to millions in taxes handed directly to often inhumane and brutal regimes and also educating the general population of the benefits of buying locally.

It is time for Rudd to be honest with his constituents and not engage in economic scaremongering, confusing moderate "protectionism" with isolationism.

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